The Role of US Government News

US government news is essential news and is important to US citizens who have an interest in what is happening in the United States of America. New media have a significant impact on independent governance and political performance. New political media are types of communication that enhance the production, dissemination, and the exchange of political content on platforms in networks that accommodate communication and collaboration. US government news has evolved rapidly over the past few decades and continues to develop. The media has changed how government institutions operate and the way political leaders communicate. US government news improves the role of journalists, thus, transforming the political media system.

Should You Talk Politics in the Office

15 Jan 2020

Let's face it: Most of us are interested in the latest political news and each has his own political view. Is it wise to discuss political topics in the office? Not unless you want to create division and unwanted enemies. For now, just stick to friendly topics.

How to Identify Fake News

11 Dec 2019

When reading political news online, it's important to use our own judgment to determine if what we are reading is trustworthy or not. There are just as many shady news sources online as there are that many fake Gucci bags you can find in China.